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Laser gynecology and other services


Laser and aesthetic gynecology

• Laser treatment for urinary incontinence
• Non-invasive laser treatment for vaginal and uterine prolapse
• Non-invasive laser treatment for vaginal mucosa dryness
• Gynecological PRP therapy
• Improvement of sexual life
• Laser treatment for vulvar lichen sclerosus and atrophic lichen
• Aesthetic gynecology, fillers, intimate area rejuvenation


Holistic medicine, oriental medicine acupuncture

• Acupuncture
• Anti-aging cosmetic facial acupuncture
• “Zyto Balance” body screening
• Acupressure
• Detection and Destruction of parasites (viruses, bacteria, fungi, worms) by electronic resonant method (“Zapper”).


Lifestyle medicine, addiction treatment

• Individual acupuncture / laser acupuncture treatment for smoking cessation
• Individual counseling and treatment for alcohol dependence and alcohol abuse
• Auricular acupuncture therapy for smoking cessation in groups
• Acupuncture / laser acupuncture treatment for weed / cannabis smoking cessation
• Long-lasting golden needles activating acupuncture points.


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