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Plastic, aesthetic surgery

All aesthetic surgeries of face, nose, ears, body forms as well as breast corrections: augmentation, reduction, lifting are performed in the Clinic. Surgical treatment of natural aging problems involves facelift, falling eyelids and eyebrows, wrinkle corrections, chin fat removal and other operations are available here. The Clinic also performs all body-lines corrective operations, such as fat extraction from chin, abdomen, waist, knee, lower legs, also thighs and buttock lifting, abdominal wall plastic surgery.


Dermatology and aesthetic dermatology

SUGIHARA is the largest laser dermatology center in Lithuania where laser dermatology and intense pulsed light treatment is helpful for mole, unwanted hair, tattoo, irregular pigmentation, broken capillaries removal, for various skin defects and also for skin rejuvenation procedures. Mesotherapy and dermatology trichology services are provided in the treatment of scalp and hair diseases, hair thinning and hair loss, baldness.


Laser gynecology and other services

Non-Invasive Laser Treatment of Vaginal or Uterine Prolapse, urinary incontinence, vaginal mucosa dryness is provided in the Clinic as well as aesthetic laser gynecological services for sexual life improvement.


Facial procedures, cosmetics

SUGIHARA affiliates provide all skin care treatments according to the individual skin type: deep moisturizing, nourishing, firming, cleansing, glowing, revitalizing procedures using prestigious, world known brand cosmetics such as Guinot, Pevonia, Anna Lotan, Sesderma. Facial skin care treatments are combined with facial massages - relaxing, soothing or firming.


Hair salons and beauty services

All hairdressing services are available in SUGIHARA Old town and Akropolis branches. Here our professionals will shape your new image according to your needs and global fashion trends. Manicure, pedicure, depilation services are also provided in these salons as well as eyebrow and eyelash tinting, eyelash turning upwards, also offering eyelash pigmentation filling (Yumi Lash treatment). We provide facial skin care treatment and make-up services in our Old Town and Akropolis branches.


SPA, massage, slimming

Our Clinic can boast of the abundance of body care procedures: more than 45 body care treatments and even 18 different massage types are available here as well as individual programs. Visitors enjoy SPA programs, slimming and anti-cellulite treatments, machine body treatments including vacuum massage, lymphatic drainage compression therapy, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, application of cryotherapy and many others. Body scrubs, wraps, bandage, self tanning sprays, therapeutic mud, calcium, magnesium and amber therapy, light therapy for psoriasis are also being carried out here. SUGIHARA is the only one in Lithuania offering therapy with water and mud brought from Israel Dead Sea for your health and beauty.


Swimming pool and sports club

Sports and fitness center situated in beautiful natural surroundings offers a swimming pool, 3 types of saunas, gym with fitness equipment and exercise rooms available every week day. Water aerobics classes for pregnant women are offered here. Qualified trainers are fluent in several languages and will be happy to help you with your individual training program.


Cosmetic shops

Mūsų trijose kosmetikos parduotuvėse ir elektroninėje parduotuvėje rasite garsiausių ir prabangiausių pasaulyje prekės ženklų produktų veido, kūno bei plaukų priežiūrai. Patyrę konsultantai jums padės išsirinkti iš gausos prekių ženklų, kuriuos atsivežame iš Izraelio, Japonijos, Prancūzijos, Šveicarijos, Italijos, JAV ir daugelio kitų šalių. Pasirinkimo aibė itin plati: pas mus rasite tiek ypatingos ekologijos jautriai odai, tiek išskirtinės prabangos filosofija ir Karališkos šeimos tradicijomis dvelkiančių prekės ženklų.


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