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Contemporary Laser Technology for Women’s Health and Wellbeing


The modern woman wants to feel beautiful, attractive and self-confident and she wants to enjoy her bodily sensations. However, often a woman notices that childbirth changes her appearance and sexual sensations which do not recover even after the children get older. On the one hand, a woman feels liberated from the shackles of modesty knowing her body and able to enjoy the life and to feel self-confident. On the other hand, often a woman notices that her satisfaction during sexual intercourse decreased, additional noises and unpleasant positions occur during sexual intercourse or she in general does not experience orgasm.


Scientific studies show that the female orgasm largely depends on frictions, i.e. on vaginal muscle contractions which are activated by mechanically stimulating vaginal walls during sexual intercourse. After childbirth, especially, when childbirth occurs later in life, the vagina does not return to its initial position, it remains wider; therefore, stimulation of vaginal walls during sexual intercourse decreases. Especially in case of:

  • a big number of childbirths,
  • the use of forceps or vacuum extractors,
  • perineum ruptures,
  • giving birth to large infants,
  • childbirth later in life,
  • twins,
  • big weight fluctuations of the body of a woman,
  • inherited connective tissue peculiarities,
  • aging, etc.


Even the planned caesarean section is not an absolute protection because during the pregnancy woman’s hormones reduces the muscle tone, the pregnant uterus “push” the vagina, ligaments and muscles are stretched, vaginal and uterine prolapse of different severity may develop as well as other changes which not necessary causes changes which need surgical intervention but they make an effect on woman’s self-confidence and sexuality.


Until now the only treatment and prevention was Kegel exercises, electrostimulation and surgery. The latter treatment has its own risks, long recovery period, it is not always possible to achieve desired results and part of sensitivity is lost due to the loss of nerve fibres and tissues. Talking about Kegel exercises, a woman needs to do them regularly all her life and go know how to do them correctly. If this exercise is done incorrectly, it might cause a lot of harm.


Sugihara Clinics can offer safe narrowing of the vagina, treatment for rebuilding its elasticity and sensitivity without surgery with the help of the most recent laser technology for gynaecology. In this case, woman’s sexual beauty and health go hand in hand.



What problems are treated in Sugihara Clinics by aesthetic gynaecological laser treatments?


  • Postpartum vaginal restoration (>2 months after the childbirth)
  • Pelvic relaxation syndrome
  • Narrowing of the vagina
  • Intimate rejuvenation
  • Treatment of sexual dysfunction (increasing sexual sensitivity)
  • Prevention (after the age of 35)


How can these problems be recognized?

If you feel that your and your partner’s satisfaction with sexual intercourse has changed, if after taking a bath, swimming in a lake or pool water stays in your vagina (you feel how it leaks out when you walk), if you are interested in prevention of vaginal and uterine prolapse (your mother, grandmother or sister was diagnosed with it) and if you want to be fully healthy and beautiful, this treatment may be the right decision for you.


Advantages of the treatments of aesthetic laser gynaecology performed in SUGIHARA Clinics:

  • Non-invasive (incision is not needed)
  • Not painful, anaesthesia (pain relief) is not needed
  • Special preparation is not needed
  • Safe (there is no area of tissue damage)
  • One treatment lasts for 15-30 min.
  • 2-4 treatments are needed with one-month gab between them (it depends on severity of the pathology)
  • After the treatment it is allowed to immediately return to the daily work
  • Improvement will be noticed immediately after the treatment and it will strengthen within the coming six months (high satisfaction rate)


What is the principle of the treatment of aesthetic laser gynaecology? 

Thanks to photothermic effect of the laser:

  • the collagen of the vaginal connective tissue contracts (vaginal narrowing is felt immediately after the treatment)
  • the synthesis of new collagen is stimulated (long-term effect, vaginal elasticity improves)
  • neoangeogenesis is being stimulated, i.e. production of new blood vessels (blood flow in vagina walls, tissue nutrition, trophe and sensitivity are improving)


Is this a safe treatment for women?

The laser is completely safe for women and their internal organs. The laser operates in the depth of 10-11 mm from the vaginal walls and does not affect cervix, uterus (myomas), ovarian and other organs; therefore, benign diseases of these organs are not a contraindication for the procedure (except existing oncological diseases).


What are the results of the non-invasive laser treatment of PFRS?

  • For 95% of the women assessed the narrowing of their vagina as significant and moderate.
  • The vagina got narrower by 17% on average.
  • High (97%) satisfaction rate of the patients.
  • No side effects noticed.


Is the anonymity of the treatment guaranteed?

SUGIHARA Clinics guarantees complete anonymity and confidentiality. The treatment is being perform and consultations given by a female doctor. This is particularly important when one needs to talk about problems and difficulties of intimate life.


How is the treatment performed?

IncontilLase TM and IntimaLase TM is suitable not for every patient. It is necessary to get a consultation from the doctor gynaecologist before the treatment. If during the consultation it is established that the treatment with IncontilLase TM/IntimaLase TM is recommended for you, the treatment may be performed immediately after the consultation.


What tests should be performed before the treatment or consultation?


For consultation you need to have with you the results of the following tests:

  • Normal oncocytological (PAP) smear (of the current year)
  • Urine test (it is necessary to check whether there is no urinary infection)
  • Vaginal flora examination (it is necessary to check whether there is no inflammation)
  • Female genital ultrasound description (myomas is not a contraindication to this treatment)
  • Not a menstrual period
  • No obesity, KMI < 33
  • The woman’s work is not related to lifting heavy items daily
  • No pregnancy


For how long does the whole procedure last?

A consultation lasts for up to 30 min. and the laser treatment is short approximately 15-30 min.


How many treatments are needed?

Most often 2 treatments is needed with one-month gab between them  but it might be that up to four treatments are needed (it depends on the changes in the vagina and the desired result)


Is the treatment painful?

The treatment is not painful, additional anaesthesia (pain relief) is not needed.


What can one expect after the treatment?

  • After the treatment it is allowed to immediately return to the daily work
  • Improvement will be noticed immediately after the treatment and it will strengthen within the coming six months (high satisfaction rate)


What are the recommendations after the treatment?

  • not to have any sexual intercourse for 1 week after the treatment
  • not to take a bath, not to go to a pool for 1 week after the treatment
  • to avoid constipation for 2 weeks after the treatment
  • to avoid lifting heavy items for 1 month after the treatment
  • no to use tampons for 1 month after the treatment
  • to come for an additional treatment after 1 month


For how long will the results last?

The improvement remains for 1.5-2 years.


Initial consultation (up to 30 min.) EUR 30 LTL 103.58

Repeated consultation (15 min.) EUR 20 LTL 69.06

Therapeutic laser gynaecology treatment EUR 225 LTL 776.88


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