PEVONIA BOTANICA skin treatment

As a worldwide leader in professional skincare, Pevonia was the first company to develop a Spa Skincare Line exclusively for elite spas and Professional Aestheticians.


The most effective skincare ingredients can be found in the safest source on earth, in nature. By combining effective, safe and natural ingredients with decades of experience in professional skincare, Pevonia continues to be the global leader in skin rejuvenation and health.



Luminous “C” and “Sea”® Mask

This in-spa treatment features a potent blend of stabilized vitamin “C” combined with the latest high-tech formulation of freeze-dried seaweed. It reduces fine lines, strengthens elasticity, and provides relief for dull, sun-damaged skin. Your complexion resurfaces renewed, firm and extremely smooth with a luminous glow.

◦Antioxidant, anti-free radicals
◦Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
◦Increases elasticity
◦Renders skin absolutely radiant


RS2 Mask Treatment

A radical solution for hypersensitive skin. This alleviating treatment provides soothing relief and visible results to dilated capillaries, congestion, blotchiness, and irritability. Comforting and healing ingredients such as: Green Tea, Chamomile, and Licorice, combine to properly decongest and calm your skin for an even, healthy appearance.

◦Diffuses redness
◦Reduces skin heat
◦Strengthens and heals capillaries



Plantomer® Lift-Off Mask

Visibly enhancing your skin’s texture and maximizing hydration, this effective lift-off mask combines the replenishing benefits of Seaweed with revitalizing Propolis, a natural healing and desensitizing substance. Soothing, nourishing, and calming, it renders skin undeniably radiant.

◦Hydrates, heals, and cools
◦Reduces redness, vaso-constricting
◦Alleviates micro-circulation



De-Stress Eye Puffiness Treatment

Your eyes can often reflect poor nutrition, the demands of your daily lifestyle, travel fatigue and other factors. Formulated with Ginkgo Biloba, this in-spa treatment effectively relieves dark circles and unappealing puffiness for refreshed, radiant eyes.

◦Decreases puffiness
◦Reduces dark circles
◦Soothing and calming



Youthful Lip Smoothing Treatment

Incorporating Retinol within an exceptional sphérulites time-released technology, this treatment visibly smoothes expression lines and wrinkles. By effectively restoring and redefining the lip contour, your lips are rendered smooth, plump and youthful. An excellent add-on to any facial.

◦Anti-aging lip contour treatment
◦Smoothes lines
◦Deeply hydrates
◦Eliminates gray cast
◦Redefines lip contour


Floracide® Exfoliant

Floracide leaves the skin hydrated by stimulating mucopolysaccharides synthesis, within the skin. It leaves the skin soft and smooth, further enhancing the results of professional and home care treatments. Recommended for all skin types except very sensitive.

◦Prevents epidermal thickening
◦Lightens hyperpigmentation, smoothing
◦Lessens the appearance of fine lines
◦Improves skin’s texture
◦Leaves skin radiant



De-Stress Eye Wrinkle Treatment –  NEW!

Premature aging, sun exposure and environmental elements can strip your delicate eye area of its youthfulness and radiance. This potent treatment containing Collagen Cryo, smoothes away crepiness and wrinkles, while tightening your eye contour for youthful, vibrant eyes.




Oxy-Vital Mask – NEW!

Rich in essential polysaccharides and aloe vera, this regenerating in-spa treatment is formulated to treat hypersensitive skin. Ideal pre and post surgical procedures, it soothes the skin and restores health and radiance. Ideal as a post-surgical mask treatment.

◦Diffuses redness
◦Oxygenating, healing
◦Excellent treatment for sensitive skin
◦Excellent post-operative treatment



Lumafirm® Lift & Glow Facial – NEW!

The Pevonia Lumafirm® Lift & Glow in-spa facial treatment renders your skin ultra-luminous with a firmer, tighter and more youthfully defined appearance. Exclusively formulated with the latest in freeze-dried technology, this remarkable treatment with cumulative benefits is ideal for any skin type showing signs of aging, or works as the perfect instant repair boost when you want to look your absolute best.

◦Tightens skin
◦Immediate lightening and brightening effect
◦Best anti-free radical effect
◦Reveals an immediate glow
◦Ideal complement to the lumafirm® Freeze-Dried
◦Treatment to intensify results at home



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