Laser hair removal

A woman who loves and respects herself never leaves home with hairy legs and armpits or “moustache”. Laser hair removal allows us to forget about unwanted hair for a long time.


The laser treats several or more hairs at a time; therefore, it can quickly and easily remove them from larger areas: legs, shoulders or back. Heat destroys cells responsible for hair growth that are under a hair root and a hair does not regrow.


Laser hair removal:

  • Painless, quick and safe treatment
  • Long-term hair free results
  • The lasers used in the Clinic can remove both light and dark hair.
  • Treatments can also be performed in the summer
  • Treatments are performed by dermatologists.



The Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic SUGIHARA applies a special discount system for its clients who want to use services provided by doctors and beauty specialists and other services – it is particularly convenient when the course of treatment or beauty treatments is performed. You and your family members can obtain a discount of up to 15 per cent – for more information contact us: (8 5) 270 5710, (8 5) 270 5777.


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