A Call of Beauty

Always with you in every moment of the day, SKIN UP® acts throughout the day respecting the skin balance and keeping it younger and brighter.
The brand new SKIN UP® technology reduces the active principles by PHIL PHARMA® into micro-particles, allowing a higher and quicker penetration into the skin maintaining it more toned and youthful (much more than any cream).
The direct use onto your face does not alter the makeup.
It is a wonderful ally against dehydration to slow down the aging process and to oppose, both in summer and in winter, the external aggressions given by: environment, heat, cold, pollution, smoke and repeated sun exposition.


Skin Up® on board

It is known that travelling by air becomes highly stressful for the skin, due to very dry pressurized air in the cabin, where in average humidity is around 10-20%. An alteration of the cutaneous microcirculation occurs, modifying the skin regeneration process and increasing the oxidation process, causing an acceleration of the skin aging. Therefore, hydrating frequently becomes essential. In the case SKIN UP®, through its atomized delivery, is an excellent and irreplaceable travel companion.



During the summer months sun and heat can cause many critical problems to the skin, resulting in premature aging, wrinkles, signs and dryness.



During the winter months the skin slows down its activities due to a phenomenon linked to the cold: vasoconstriction and deep inflammation. The skin becomes pale and colder, it receives less
nutrmiment from the blood and it slows down its processes: among these, the production of fats (lipids) able to retain water.



For the best result of the PHIL PHARMA® active principles we recommend 4-5 doses per day for any part you want: face-neck-hands. Each application lasts 30 seconds and at the end of it, SKIN UP® will turn off automatically. There are no contraindications for more applications during the day.
Already from the first use the particles of the active principles atomized, rapidly penetrating the stratum corneum, allow to create an immediate effect of compactness and brightness.
The epidermal cells constantly treated will remain active and functional, rapidly improving the skin tone.
The mix of active ingredients composed of hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, lipoic acid and aloe vera is a real source of instant energy that brings the skin an excellent level of hydration, slowing down the aging process.
The formula of these active principles boosts the biological mechanism and compacts the skin, also acting as a fixing agent in case of makeup.

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