PORCCI is an innovation as one of the new and highly top brands that is developed and created in its original scent and design of perfumes. It is based on independent feeling, powerful creation, freedom and strength which is inspired by a family of perfumers with a great history in the Perfume Industry since 1958.


„PORCCI FRAGRANCES defines luxury, passion and a streak of wondrous grace and beauty with an exquisite scent of rich fragrance. It serves a great meaning to express a unique feeling which enhances the quality of scent to deliver attractiveness and exquisiteness of its own aroma that you will love forever and will leave you breathless.“

Ali Alfardan







Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic

Cosmetics Shop
Tel. +370 5 270 5716
3 Sugiharos Street, Vilnius


Beauty Institute in Old Town

Tel.: +370 5 2629187, +370 687 82384;
28/17 Vokieciu Street, Vilnius


SPA Centre Akropolis

Tel.: +370 5 2492701, +370 698 25355
25 Ozo Street, Vilnius


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