IDUN Minerals

IDUN Minerals is a Swedish brand of mineral makeup, based on puri fied minerals. Its brand commi tment is to use the ver y purest and cl eanest ingredients to help skin look its healthy best.


IDUN Minerals was launched in 2011 as a brand exclusivel y for sal e in Swedish pharmacies. These pharmacies are committed to providing only products that meet their high quali t y and heal th standards. To ensure this, they keep and maintain a ver y strict ingredient “black list” that prevents the use of any questionable ingredients. IDUN Minerals has always abided by this “black list.”


What makes IDUN Minerals unique is the extreme purity of its minerals. This purity works with all skin types and is the reason so many consumers with sensitivities use IDUN Minerals. Of course, mineral pi gments can also be rich in color, which is why IDUN offers a full range of color cosmetic products.


The brand name comes from Idun, the Ol d Norse goddess of Eternal Youth. Idun’s magic apples kept the other gods young and vital.

All IDUN Minerals products are created by a team of Swedish scientists. Sweden is known for technol ogy, design, female empowerment, beauty and healthy living.

Please discover the beautiful simplicity and purity of IDUN Minerals for yourself.


The Italian artist Patrizia Gucci is behind the artistic interpretations of the Goddess Idun on IDUN Minerals’ packaging. IDUN Minerals gave Patrizia a free hand to interpret the Norse mythology and create a series of paintings for the packaging.

Patrizia Gucci: “Idun represents the Swedish woman in my paintings. She is ver y feminine and a woman wi th character. She appreciates the spiri tuali t y she finds in nature, and has great respect for all li ving things. She gets her energy from nature, and the el ements I have used to illustrate this are water, ear th and vegetation. Ever y woman in my paintings chooses her makeup carefully, looking in the mirror and dreaming of how she can stay young forever and become even more beautiful.”



Idun is the name of the old Norse goddess of eternal youth. This folklore came to be during the pre-Christian times and the Viking Age in Scandinavia.

Idun was also the goddess of beauty. She was the wife of the god Brage and stories about their lives were chronicled in the Poetic Edda and Prose Edda from the


IDUN’S APPLES – Gave eternal life to the gods

The legend is that Idun kept a box with the coveted golden apples. These apples were distributed by Idun to the gods to allow them to keep their youth and live an eternal life. One Fall she was kidnapped and all the gods began to age. The next Spring the gods rescued her and were rejuvenated. It is a metaphor for the dark-ness of fall and winter, and the rebirth of Springtime.



IDUN’S APPLES – Give a better life on Earth Idun’s apples were given to the gods to give them  eternal life.  We also want to make a difference, but we do so by planting trees in places in the world where they are needed to produce fruit, clean air and work. The fruit in turn provides health, jobs and viability. Every product we sell helps more trees be planted.  We develop the project in cooperation with  Vi Agroforestry.




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