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One of the First and Biggest Specialized Aesthetic Medical Clinics in the Baltic States

Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic SUGIHARA

SUGIHARA brand name in the beauty industry has become a benchmark for perfectionism in creating sustainable beauty. We’ve earned it for over 25 years of work and aiming:

  • to nurture what has been already created (by nature),
  • to take care of what has been given the best (by nature),
  • to complete what it (nature) has not enough time to do.

We know that only the beauty that is being nurtured in a complex way is complete and sustainable, thus  we stand out with a very wide range of services: plastic surgery, laser and aesthetic dermatology, health promotion, fitness and spa, cosmetology and other beauty services.

Customer’s improved positive change in SUGIHARA is ensured by more than 100 professionals who have perfect aesthetic perception, deep and internationally appreciated professional knowledge, sophisticated techniques and solid experience.

We have a mature approach to beauty – its longevity, authentic naturalness and realness, and its sustainability is a manifestation of our responsibility to (nature and) man. That’s why we create it with secure, science and practice-inspired services and tools and help our customers to take care of it at home. All three SUGIHARA stores and the E-shop have easy access to the world’s best facial, body, hair care and decorative cosmetics.

Continuous investment in specialists’ development and the acquisition of most contemporary technology and tools cause progressive changes in the Clinic. We often are the first in the market to bring innovations and solutions that are not available elsewhere.

However, first of all, we are people: sensitive to the needs of the individual, respecting the uniqueness and beauty of the personality, and the health of everyone.

We help those seeking aesthetic change and health who want to stop time or suffer serious injuries by finding individual solutions for everybody. We participate in social campaigns because we understand that our profession is a privilege to help a person to be himself.

In our professional routine we are perfectionists loyal to the highest ethical standards. That’s how we have earned the trust of our customers in Lithuania and beyond its boundaries, and that is why we are recognized n our colleague market as a school of excellence. Its brand face is Doctor of Medical Science Darius Radzevičius who has been working in the Clinic for twenty years.

Art to creat natural beauty

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