Classical massage

Convenient: massage can serve people as exercise.


Healthy: it returns vigour, gives freshness, helps to keep a slim figure. This massage stimulates blood and lymph flow, improves skin functions, accelerates the removal of keratinized cells from epidermis, activates sweat and oil  glands. The skin becomes more elastic and resistant to negative external factors.


Pleasant: massage relieves emotional stress and muscle tension. The treatment involves use of fragrant oils that firm the skin and give a sense of pleasure of life in a hour.


Practical: in spring and autumn, when the temperature change afeects the body greatly, showing up interior ailments and pains, the massage session will give you a dose of youth.




Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic (3 Ch. Sugiharos Str., Vilnius, Lithuania)

Institute of Beauty (28/17 Vokieciu Str., Vilnius Old Town, Lithuania)

SPA centre in Supermarket “Akropolis” (25 Ozo Str., Vilnius, Lithuania)




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