Wrinkle correction

It is possible to effectively remove visible facial mimic wrinkles using a special preparation lowering the muscle tone. These preparations have been used in medicine for a long time. However, usually they were applied in neurology to remove muscle spasms. It has been discovered relatively recently that the preparation is effective not only when it is injected into big body muscles but also when it is injected into small facial muscles; therefore, it was started to be applied in plastic surgery as well. Used in safe, minimal doses, it helps to reach fast and very effective results.


We laugh, get angry, sad, think and all these emotions are reflected in our faces. As the muscles are always tense, wrinkles appear in those facial areas around our eyes and on the forehead. The injections of preparations lowering the muscle tone into the muscles relax them and the wrinkles disappear.  This is a very effective method of treatment: wrinkles disappear already after two-four days. After 6-8 months the muscle regains its tone and the wrinkle appears again, therefore, it is recommended to have the injections repeated.


Correction of mimic wrinkles




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