Breast augmentation

There is no ideal breast implant developed until now to serve all the rest life. Plastic Surgeon Dr. D. Radzevičius usually uses saline-filled implants.  The incision of 2 cm is made around the lower border of the areola, the dark pin skin surrounding  the nipple.  In some cases he uses silicone-filled implants and makes an incision of 6 cm beneath the breast. In most cases, scars will fade gradually and become barely noticeable.


Breast augmentation is performed with a general anaesthesia. The surgery usually takes one hour to complete. Most of the patients can go home on the surgery day.


Within 5-7 days, the gauze dressings will be removed, and you may be given a surgical bra and band. You should wear it day and night for four weeks. The final result can be observed only in 2-3 months following your surgery.


Complications are rare and can be treated. The most common problem, capsular contracture (your body’s reaction to the implant), occurs if the scar or capsule around the implant begins to tighten.


During your consultation with Dr. Darius Radzevičius, you will get more information, e.g., why he uses saline-filled implants and makes incisions in the areola area, how the right breast implants are selected, what complications are possible, what factors determine the surgery price.


The plastic surgeon will also show before-and-after photographs of the treated patients.


For more information about D. Radzevičius, please see his personal website  www.dariusradzevicius.lt



When operation date is booked, it is confirmed in 5 days after reservation fee is paid. To pay a reservation fee press here or make a bank transfer payment.

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