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Ozone therapy: elixir of health and youth

  • Energy for the healthy
  • Help for the sick
  • Beauty for everyone


Remember what the air is like after a heavy storm; remember how this “ozonated” air magically awakens your body and soul and how easy it becomes to breathe… But after all, we feel only traces of ozone because we smell ozone even when its content in the air is very low – just 0.001-0.01mg/m3! However, this very small dose is able to kill viruses, bacteria, harmful chemical compounds; it provides freshness and an excellent odour to the whole planet…


When decomposing, ozone (O3) frees the third oxygen atom and it becomes very active, able to connect with various structures of a cell, oxidizes what we call in one word – pollution (various compounds hazardous to our beauty and health, pathological microorganisms).


Useful even for the healthy

Ozone treatments are a great way to strengthen the immune system, to fight off insomnia and chronic fatigue as well as improve mood and working capacity. After you start ozone therapy, it will not take long for liveliness and energy to return.


Prophylactic effect

Ozone therapy prophylactically treats common diseases such as atherosclerosis, coronary and hypertonic heart diseases as well as respiratory, gastrointestinal, dermatological, gynaecological, neurological and infectious diseases. Ozone application in medicine improves treatment outcomes and reduces treatment duration by 15-25 per cent.


Effective when losing weight and removing cellulite

With the help of ozone therapy it becomes easier and more effective to overcome sensitive defects of women’s appearance and health – cellulite and localized fat accumulations. Ozone therapy destroys the very cause of cellulite – it promotes lymph circulation and prevents accumulation of toxins in tissues.


Ecological possibility to improve well-being and enhance appearance

Ozone therapy is an improvement of appearance and health through one of the most environment-friendly measures, i.e. ozone. It is a nature’s gift to us allowing us not burden our bodies with chemical drugs.


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