GUINOT skin treatment

Guinot is a famous French skin care brand using an exclusive apparatus for deep and effective skin hydration and firming.


The Guinot Hydradermie facial is the most advanced beauty salon treatment for maintaining a balanced healthy complexion. It deep-cleanses, oxygenates and regenerates the skin. Regular Hydradermie treatments offer immediate and lasting results: they improve hydration in dry skin, reduce sebum levels in oily skin, and reduce average wrinkle depth in lined skin.


Hydradermie Lift Treatments 

This specialised anti-ageing treatment gives immediate and long-lasting visible results that improve the skin’s appearance. Designed for skin that shows a loss of elasticity, it treats both the skin and delicate facial muscles for an immediate ‘lift’ and overall boost in radiance. Hydradermie Lift uses lymph drainage and a safe effective microcurrent to eliminate toxins, improve skin tone and work on the underlying muscle structure to ‘lift’ and firm the face, eye area and neck. Hydradermie Lift is suitable for all skin types (30+).

Hydradermie Plius Hydrating Treatment 

(face, neck and decollete, with serums)


Hydradermie Lift Rejuvenating Treatment

The secrets of this treatment combining cosmetic products with a modern apparatus: improvement of face and neck microcirculation, elimination of toxins, stimulation of facial expression muscles, “lifting” and firming of cheeks, chin and neck.


Liftosome Lifting Toning Treatment

A perfect combination of collagen, vitamins E, F, C, and modelling warming mask with ginseng and orange extracts will help tone the face and smooth the features.


Hydradermie Hydrating Treatment

Thanks to active ingredients selected to suit your skin type and diffused by gentle ionization, your cleansed, hydrated and soothed skin recovers a new, radiant beauty. Men can also benefit from this treatment.


Hydradermie Lift Express 


A relaxing aromatherapy facial.

Relax and unwind with a tension-reducing massage and a customised combination of plant extracts and essential oils to suit your skin’s needs. This utterly relaxing aromatherapy facial balances the skin, softens fine lines, restores radiance, lifts your senses and instils an overal feeling of well-being.


Beaute Neuve
An instant radiance reviver.

Fruit-infused Beaute Neuve is a gentle double-peeling facial that uses the powerful natural exfoliating properties of AHAs, combined with pure vitamin C, and anti-ageing ingredients to boost radiance, reduce pigmentation, and re-hydrate and regenerate the skin. Guinot recommends a course of three treatments, taken over consecutive weeks.



Energising, hands-on anti-ageing facial.

The Liftosome facial has been specifically developed to treat the problems associated with mature skins. Based on the use of orange extract, ginseng and collagen, this stimulating thermal facial regenerates and energises, leaving skin firmed and radiant. Guinot recommends a course of two treatments over two successive weeks.


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