Removal of moles and other skin lesions

Every person has at least several moles and over the years the moles are changing together with the body. Some moles are inborn, others appear before we reach adulthood and some begin to disappear as we get older. Most moles and other skin lesions are benign; however, in order to prevent melanoma, it is recommended to consult an onco-dermatologist at least once a year if:


  • you are light-skinned;
  • you have difficulties to get suntan or get sunburns quickly;
  • you are blond or red-haired, have blue or green eyes;
  • you are exposed to the sun for a long time;
  • you have a large number of moles (more than 20) and pigmented spots on the skin;
  • you like spending holidays in southern countries.


A consultation of an onco-dermatologist is necessary if a mole has at least one of these atypical features: asymmetry, changed contour, colour and diameter (if the diameter exceeds 6 mm). At the Clinic you can have other skin and subcutaneous formations (lipoma, atheroma, hemangioma etc.) removed.

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