Mesotherapy Treatment

Mesotherapy TherapyAs your skin ages, it looks tired, sagging, dull and unhealthy. Mesotherapy is one of highly effective rejuvenating treatments. This procedure can be used to tone and tighten sagging skin. After treatment, patients commonly describe their skin as looking rested, radiant, glowing and firmer.


What is Mesotherapy Treatment?

Mesotherapy is an interventional natural medicine technique, which involves the injection of a customized mixture of microscopic quantities of active agents, placed just millimetres under the skin into the problematic area. Amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. are used in the medications.


Mesotherapy can be effectively used in many branches of medicine – pain treatment, rheumatology, traumatology, gynaecology and sports medicine. Mesotherapy treatments are extremely successful in aesthetic medicine and dermatology.


Face skin

Mesotherapy treatments can be used to treat many problems of the face skin. With different mixtures of active agents mesotherapy injections are highly effective in correcting skin imperfections caused by:


  • dehydration,
  • age,
  • photoaging,
  • free radicals,
  • stress, smoking, improper diet etc.


After the course of mesotherapy, the skin looks firmer, smoother and radiant, and wrinkles are reduced. The effects are not permanent; but mesotherapy treatments do not have any side effects so they can be repeated as often as desired.


Using mesotherapy, an ageing face, neck and décolleté can be rejuvenated. Hands can also benefit from it.


Mesotherapy can be combined with such cosmetic treatments as chemical or mechanical peeling and other injection techniques and wrinkle filling injections.


Loose and sagging skin lacking elasticity

With age, the number of fibroblasts – the skin cells producing elastin and collagen – is gradually decreasing, elastic and collagen fibres become thick and flat, and the viscosity of the extracellular matrix is reduced. This results in the loose and sagging skin lacking elasticity. Similar changes also occur in the skin affected by outside and inner factors – smoking, intensive UV rays, and pollution. One more reason for the sagging skin is the decrease of subdermal fat tissue caused by loosing much weight, childbirth and liposuction.


The mesotherapy “cocktail” stimulates fibroblasts to activate the production of elastin and collagen. Glycosaminoglicans present in the medications increase the viscosity of the extracellular substance to make the skin stronger and firmer.


Mesotherapy treatment can be done for the face, neck and décolleté, also in any area of the body such as abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. It is highly effective in those areas where other treatments do not show good effects – inner thighs and upper arms, under chin etc.


Cellulite, local fat deposits

mesotherapy-celluliteMesotherapy “cocktail” agents are targeted to treat all cellulite factors by improving microcirculation, reducing lymphatic congestion, dissolving excess fat, strengthening connective tissues.


After mesotherapy treatments, patients see a significant decrease in size, improved skin tone, and smoother and softer skin.


Mesotherapy can also correct face and body contours – reduce “double-chin” and “bags” under eyes, decrease the volume of abdomen, hips, buttocks, inner thighs and knees.


Stretch marks (striae)

Striae are linear dermal scars with a light or bluish pink colour showing the weakening of elastic fibres. Stretch marks mostly occur in abdomen, thighs, buttocks and breasts, and sometimes in other body areas such as back. Striae affect women more commonly than men. Stretch marks are mainly caused by fast increase in size (puberty, pregnancy) and they can also occur from prolonged use of corticosteroids or increase of adrenal hormones.


Mesotherapy is the only treatment really effective in treating striae.  To reach good results, treatments should be started as early as possible when striae are light pink or bluish, not when they become similar to the skin colour (mature striae).


Hair loss 

Mesotherapy treatments are highly effective for alopecia, the loss of hair, caused by various factors:


  • reactive hair loss after childbirth, unbalanced diet, surgery etc.;
  • androgenetic alopecia related to hormones (it affects both men and women);
  • alopecia areata or patchy hair loss (when the area of baldness does not exceed 40% of the hairy part).


Amino acids, vitamins and trace elements used in the medications strengthen hair roots and  improve poor scalp blood flow to prolong the hair growth phase and stop hair loss. But in case of androgenetic alopecia one should not expect hair regrowth.


Benefits of mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is virtually painless, easily performed and can be combined with other treatments. Mesotherapy injections going into the skin directly above the area required have an immediate effect, which continues for many hours. Treatments are administered weekly or even at longer intervals.


As mesotherapy is administered directly to the desired area this limits side effects and complications. Low amounts of the drug also reduce possible side effects.


It should be noted that only physicians can perform mesotherapy. The injected solution is tailored specifically for each patient to optimise results. Many factors are taken into consideration to determine the most effective combination, injection method, number and frequency of treatments.


Mesotherapy treatments are performed by SUGIHARA dermatologists.

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