Laser treatment for toenail and fingernail fungus

Nail fungus is not merely an aesthetic problem. It is a chronic disease that is easy to catch and if it is left untreated the infection spreads. Conventional treatment methods struggle to combat nail fungus – external medications fail to reach the deep nail layer whereas oral medications often cause side effects. Removal of a nail is not a solution either – a new nail may be rough and unsightly. The alternative to drugs is laser treatment of nail fungus.


Nagų grybelis prieš ir po gydymo lazeriu


Prieš nagų grybelio gydymą lazeriu Po nagų grybelio gydymą lazeriu


Penetrative laser beams reach the nail bed and, having heated the tissues to 40-50 degrees, destroy the infection. Laser treatment has no side effects and its effectiveness is up to 95 per cent. The usual treatment course includes from 3 to 4 treatments once a week.


Laser treatment of nail fungus:

  • It completely eradicates toenail and fingernail fungus (up to 95 per cent of patients get rid of the fungus in 3 months; others need to have the treatments repeated);
  • A treatment lasts for 20-25 minutes; the very first treatment brings positive changes;
  • It is non-invasive treatment; there are no side effects;
  • No need to remove a nail.


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