Beauty injections


Bio-revitalisation or deep skin moisturizing – is a unique, yet simple and aesthetic medicine technique, when bio-revitalising hyaluronic acid is injected into dermis (the middle layer of the skin) in small doses by microinjections. Thus skin regeneration is stimulated, skin moisture restored, collagen, elastin and own hyaluronic acid synthesis enhanced, blood circulation improved, fat deposits reduced, vascular tone improved, optimal conditions for cell regeneration created, skin becomes wetter, brighter, fine lines and wrinkles smoothed.


Non-surgical wrinkle correction by injections 

In our Clinic this procedures are carried out only by aesthetic medicine physicians – plastic surgeon and dermatologists. Typically, before injection the area due to small soreness is not anesthetized. In case of high sensitivity, you will be selected appropriate anesthesia method. Taking into account age, gender, wrinkle depth, localization and all accompanying individual factors small dose is injected by a thin special needle in relevant points. Micro injections block hyperactive muscles responsible for formation of mimetic wrinkles. When these facial dynamic muscles relax and stop contractions, wrinkles are smoothened. Typically, the effect becomes visible at 2-7 day but all effect is produced at day 14. Mimic muscles relax, the skin in problem spots is smoothed.  The effect lasts for 4 – 6 – 8 months. Sometimes – up to a year.


New! Skin rejuvenation by activated blood serum

This procedure is performed by doctors dermatologists. It means natural therapy and natural changes without surgical intervention or chemicals. Biological skin stimulation and regeneration using only the body’s own material. Ultra-safe procedure, guarantees absolutely no risk of allergies or infections. No preservatives or anticoagulants used. The long-lasting effect. The recommended number of procedures is only 1 -2 per year.

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