„My anti-aging cosmeceuticals signed by French Doctors“


Medical formulas

100% Natural formulas

Made by French Doctors

Our formulas are different….

In your lifetime, you will apply nearly 500 In your lifetime, you will apply nearly 500 kg (1,100 lbs.) of cosmetics to the skinkg (1,100 lbs.) of cosmetics to the skin*… Each day, your epidermis is in contact

with almost 500 different molecules. What happens to these molecules in our What happens to these molecules in our body?body? How do we know that today’s results will not have a hefty price tag in the future?

Novexpert researchers deliver a radical solution to this question: the use of the use of  select biodegradable and natural active select biodegradable and natural active ingredients, guaranteed preservative-free…ingredients, guaranteed preservative-free…

* 26 ml of cosmetics per day for 50 years (face & body care, makeup, cleansers, hair care, hair removal wax…).


Our researchresearch is differentdifferent.

Novexpert was founded by researchersand doctors specialized  in skin aging.

Internationally recognized by thescientific community, these experts drawinspiration from the latest advancesin anti-aging medicine. Our branOur brand’scientific discoveries have alrescientific discoveries have alreadyearned 16 awards in only 7 years…earned 16 awards in only 7 years…

The brand, created by Cyrille Telinge and his dream team composed of doctors specialized in skin aging, was launched in march 2008 in france. However, the Novexpert team had been working for nearly 20 years at the head of an independent research laboratory known for its expertise in formulation and anti-aging technology.


A different brand – sum up in 3 words…





What does the word novexpert mean?

NOV = New.                                                                                                                                                                EXPERT = Expert because the majority of the Novexpert founders are doctors who develop the formulas and manage the company. The NEW EXPERTS = those who refuse to remain neutral and stand up for a new approach to cosmetics: high-tech formulas with biodegradable ingredients.

Why Novexpert?

The novexpert brand was founded based on 3 needs currently expressed by expert consumers:

1) formulations that use the latest cutting-edge advances in anti-aging medicine. Whatever the cost.                      2) the dermatological necessity to develop formulas for increasingly sensitive skin.                                               3) uncompromised assurance of ethically certain non-toxicity over the long term.

Novexpert aims at reconciling progress and safety as well as ultra-effectiveness and high tolerance.


Chemical or non-chemical? Novexpert displays the percentage of molecules from natural origin used in its formulations on packaging. 95 to 100% of these molecules are plant-based or derived from green biotechnology. 100% of Novexpert skincare is formulated and manufactured in france.


  • Up to 100% natural
  • 0% preservatives
  • 0% parabens
  • 0% essential oils
  • 0% mineral oil
  • 0% propylene glycol
  • 0% chemical filters
  • 0% BHT / BHA
  • 0% silicone
  • 0% aluminium
  • 0% phtalate
  • 0% EDTA
  • 0% PEG
  • Etc…





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