Actyva was created in Umbria’s Upper Tiber Valley as an exclusive hair care line for hairdressers. It includes treatments and services produced with the highest standards of quality, to make their business grow and stand out in the market.
Today like in 1978, Actyva aligns science and nature for the service of beauty, a never-ending search for the perfect synergy between natural ingredients and technologically advanced raw materials.
It is a success story that continues and reinvents itself. Backed up by Kemon’s 50 years of experience in the professional hairstyling market, over the years Actyva has grown to become a global line, used and sold in the most prestigious hair salons in over 15 countries around the world.



SCIENCE AND NATURE Actyva uses more than 40 ingredients of natural origin. These, combined with the latest cosmetic research developments, ensure immediately visible results while respecting the scalp, hair and the environment. Research is ongoing at our labs for alternative and innovative raw materials in order to develop increasingly sustainable products that are nevertheless able to ensure the same high level of performance.

BEAUTY AND WELLNESS A healthy scalp and healthy hair are the essence of a woman’s natural beauty. This is why our professional treatments have been designed to enhance the beauty of hair while maintaining the scalp healthy. Placed in the hands of an expert, our products are transformed into exclusive rituals of beauty and well-being.

IMMEDIATE EFFECTIVENESS Actyva products are specifically formulated to be extremely gentle and ensure immediately visible results. Thanks to their high quality and the ability to customise them, hair regains its natural beauty with each treatment.

SIMPLICITY Each line is colour coded for easy recognition. The name immediately conveys the purpose and result. We streamlined segmentation, limiting the number of products. This makes it easier to make them known and sell.

MADE IN ITALY Actyva is a line conceived, developed and produced in Italy. The “Made in Italy” trademark is a distinctive mark that we proudly export around the world. Since 1978, all our products have been produced at Kemon’s original plant in San Giustino, in the region of Umbria, the green heart of Italy.

DEDICATED TO SALONS Hairstylists are artists and their hands bring our products to life. Actyva was designed to be exclusively distributed at salons, ensuring hairstylists trustworthy support by protecting their professionalism and credibility.




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