Anna Lotan PRO is an original product line developed by Anna Lotan Laboratories for skin care professionals.
This line provides advanced salon treatments combined with home care solutions for different skin conditions.
The versatile range of functional home care products is exclusively distributed by licensed estheticians on the basis of “face to face” diagnosis! In order to select and
“prescribe” the optimized minimum exactly for the individual needs of each client.
The PRO line is supported by trial packs for each retail product to provide security to customers who prefer preliminary testing.


What makes the Anna Lotan PRO range unique?

The fundamental guideline of any PRO formulation is functionality, emphasizing treatment results.
However, this goal (that does not justify all means) is counterbalanced by an uncompromised
preference for maximal comfort during use.
The idea that “beauty requires a sacrifice” is in contrast with the Anna Lotan PRO approach which
regards as healthy, an organ (including the skin) that does not transmit any signals.*
● Most of the building blocks of the PRO line are sustainable, naturally derived ingredients. The preservative systems are Paraben free. The cleansing components are SLS free and selected from the mildest available vegetable raw material.
● Many of the herbal extracts are pure, solvent free, highly concentrated CO2 extracts.
● Key formulations are bio-mimetic (using components that mimic the skin’s own water and oil soluble constituents). These formulations feel very comfortable and offer excellent skin tolerance for even the most delicate skin types.
*There is no rule without exception! Within the PRO range there is one salon treatment accompanied


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