If you feel tired and heavy legs after a long day, have aching corns and ingrown nails – you need to visit the pedicure room, where you can have cosmetic or surgery pedicure, or paraffin baths which are especially effective.


Feet are placed in a bath of herbal extracts, then follows massage with nourishing and cooling creams. This procedure eliminates fatigue and helps you relax. You will feel lightness in the body. And the blessing after the paraffin bath!


This paraffin therapy from Spain deeply moisturizes the skin and improves its condition. After a pedicure, creams and balms are applied on the feet, and they are immersed in paraffin rich in many nutrients for 10 minutes. This is especially recommended for dry, rough skin of always cold feet. According to the principle of small sauna, the procedure opens the pores and cleans the epidermis, improves circulation and softens the skin making the body feel good.


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