Beautiful hands are your visiting card. It is better to let them little lie about your age, isn’t it? 


Just do not forget to care for them. Even if they have suffered from cold and now in bad weather conditions tend to change color, even if they are rough, with visible cracks and stains, and any creams do not help them – do not despair. In such cases, we suggest you try the procedure of paraffin by the method of the Spanish company “Depileve”. During the procedure, your hands are placed several times in warm scented paraffin, containing vitamin E and peach oil. When a “glove” of paraffin is removed, you will feel the skin becomes soft and smooth. The procedure must be repeated until your hands are completely healed.


The classic French manicure

For classic nail care, how about the elegance of a French manicure, perfectly applied by our skilled team. You can’t beat it for its timeless appeal and clean, well-groomed appearance.


So what’s it to be? A special treat for you or all the fun of a group nails manicure with friends. You could even arrange to have another treatment while you’re here: maybe a foot massage or reflexology.


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