Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic SUGIHARA is the one of the biggest specialized Clinic in the Baltic States that offers Plastic surgery, Laser and Aesthetic Dermatology, Beauty, and medical SPA treatments since 1994. The Clinic employs over 150 professional beauty specialists who continuously improve their knowledge and skills in trainings around the world to be on the top performance in providing beauty services.


The Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic creates beauty by safe, scientifically proven and practically tested services and measures. Our staff has long been recognized for its commitment, dedication and excellence, and trusted by constant clients, Lithuanian and foreign people.




We are proud to be prominent, well known by customers as professional beauty experts who have created the Clinic of changes. Our team cares about the beauty and health of every person. We do see each customer as a personality, we are committed to quality and high ethical standards. Clinic SUGIHARA has earned customers’ confidence and loyalty through its experience and professionalism which has made us market leaders. Our team believes that a beautiful person is a healthy person, harmonious balance of physical and emotional health is very important to maintain everybody’s well-being. We are worthy of being recognized on the market as a quality standard that is based on respect for the uniqueness and beauty of each individual.




European Standards.

Both national and EU law protects medical tourists in Lithuania. The qualifications of specialists and the quality and safety of services fully comply with EU standards.


Professional Doctors.

Qualified medical personnel ensures high quality services. The qualifications of specialists are guaranteed not only by extensive education, but also by periodic certification and licensing.


Advanced Technologies.

Doctors in Lithuania use cutting-edge technology, some of which surprises even Western European specialists. This is achieved through the targeted use of European Union development funds. The country’s medical personnel use highly advanced medical methods, some of which are among the most progressive in the world.


Patients’ Rights.

The National Civil Code and various laws, including the Law on the Rights of Patients and Compensation for Harm to Health, protect the rights of medical patients. To ensure the complete safety of the patient, treatment and health care institutions belonging to the cluster have civil liability insurance.


Safety Ensured.

First medical aid is provided to visitors free of charge. All Lithuania’s health care institutions have medical professional liability insurance. Additional protection against accidents is provided by travel insurance.




radzeviciusThe Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic offers aesthetic medicine services:MD/PhD, Licensed Specialist in Plastic Surgery Darius Radzevičius

  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery performed by Darius Radzevičius, MD, one of the best known plastic surgeons in Lithuania. Plastic surgeon D. Radzevičius consults and performs all aesthetic face, nose, ears, body-sculpting surgical operations.
    Our Clinic provides breast correction: augmentation, reduction and lift that are popular among women of all ages.
    If middle-aged and senior people want to remove the signs of natural ageing, they can have facelift, eyelid, eyebrow and wrinkle correction, liposuction on the chin area and other surgical treatments.
    Other operations like reconstructive nose surgery, correction of protruding ears, scar revision, removal of post-traumatic hand, congenital hand, foot and face deformities are also rather frequent.




  •  The biggest laser dermatology centre in Baltic States
  •  Dermatological laser treatments including intense pulsed light therapy
  •  Skin rejuvenation, removal of unwanted hair, tattoos, skin lesions, pigmented spots and dilated capillaries
  • Our dermatologist trichologist will carry out a through examination to diagnose the condition of your hair and scalp, determine causes of diseases and provide treatment.



  • Non-Invasive Laser Treatment of Urinary Incontinence
  • Non-Invasive Laser Treatment of Vaginal or Uterine Prolapse
  • Non-Invasive Laser Treatment of Atrophy of Vaginal Mucosa
  • Aesthetic Laser Gynaecology



Therapy can help you stop smoking in less than an hour. Anxiety, irritability, inability to focus and depressive mood are often very strong during the initial period of abstinence.

This treatment deals with three parts of addiction – physical, psychological and detoxification. For that reason it provides clients with an average of 70 – 80% success rate.

During your visit you will be provided with a professional consultation by addiction specialist. It will give you a very clear view of how nicotine addiction works and how relapse should be prevented in the future.




Acupuncture is a safe and extremely effective form of natural therapy which involves the insertion of very thin needles through the patient’s skin at specific points on the body. There are used points where the flow of the vital energy is closest to the surface of the body. We also provide these oriental treatments: acupressure, cupping Therapy, Shiatsu, indian massages, Reflextherapy, REIKI.




SUGIHARA beauty salons are dedicated to providing high-quality services with a special attention to each customer in a comfortable atmosphere. Keeping up with the latest world fashion and beauty trends, our specialists strive to satisfy every client’s needs.

  •  Manicure, pedicure, depilation
  •  Face skin treatments, make up, permanent make-up
  • Eyebrow and eyelash tinting, eyelash extensions, Yumi Lashes treatment
  • Haircut, hair colouring, occacional haircuts, hair extension, laminating of the hair
  • Beauty salon services are available in Clinic SUGIHARA and all its branches
  • Beauty salon, haircut services in SPA centre “Akropolis” are available on weekends and holidays. Opening hours: Mon – Sun: 10.00 am to 10.00 pm






  • Famous and well known skin care brands like Guinot, Pevonia, Anna Lotan, Hydropeptide, Sesderma
  • Especially effective, hydrating, nourishing and ageing process preventing face skin treatments
  • Special relaxing, firming and lifting massage techniques






Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic offers more than 45 body care treatments and even 18 different massages. Our professional team of medical education specialists will customize body care treatment for you or establish a personally adapted slimming, firming, detoxifying, etc. treatment program.


  • Manicure, pedicure, depilation
  • Face skin treatments, make up, permanent make-up
  • Eyebrow and eyelash tinting, eyelash extensions, Yumi Lashes treatment
  • Haircut, hair colouring, occacional haircuts, hair extension, laminating of the hair
  • Beauty salon services are available in Clinic SUGIHARA and all its branches
  • Beauty salon, haircut services in SPA centre “Akropolis” are available on weekends and holidays. Opening hours: Mon – Sun: 10.00 am to 10.00 pm



Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic’s Sports and Wellness Centre has qualified trainers who can communicate fluently in English and Russian, many different exercise programmes, a swimming pool and baths – for your health, beauty and high spirits!


At the Sports and Wellness Complex, you will definitely enjoy an exceptional privacy, club atmosphere:

  • Swimming pool, three types of hot baths
  • Qualified coaches who can communicate fluently in English and Russian
  • Many different exercise programmes, personal trainings
  • Sport and Wellness Centre is open on Sundays too, large groups of people (up to 25) are welcome





At our 3 cosmetic stores you will find everything for face, body and hair care offered by the well-known cosmetic companies: LA COLLINE, NESCENS (​​Switzerland), placental cosmetic GHC (Japan), PEVONIA BOTANICA (USA), GUINOT, PIERRE FABRE (France), BIOLINE (​​Italy), NeoStrata, Exuviance (USA), ANNA LOTAN (Israel). At our shops we offer Tax-free shopping service.


Professionalism and attention to every client allow to increase the number of regular customers. The clinic is a club, a second home, where it is always nice to come back to!


Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic:

  • More than 100 highly qualified specialists
  • A special attention to every client and excellence of service
  • High-quality services provided by medical education specialists
  • 3 Cosmetics Stores
  • Gifts sertificates, Electronic Gift Setificate
  • Operations and treatments can be paid for by instalments
  • Free Children’s playroom
  • Tax-free shopping service
  • Free car parking





  • Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic (3 Ch. Sugiharos Str., Vilnius, Lithuania)
  • Institute of Beauty (28/17 Vokieciu Str., Vilnius Old Town, Lithuania)
  • SPA centre in Supermarket “Akropolis” (25 Ozo Str., Vilnius, Lithuania)

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