Lithuania is a Northern European country with a border along the Baltic Sea. The country abounds with wellpreserved natural landscapes, woods, lakes and rivers as well as a unique seaside. Lithuania offers many extraordinary sites, some of which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage list: Vilnius Historical Center – known as the Old Town, it is one of the largest and most beautiful old towns in Central and Eastern Europe; the Curonian Spit – Lithuania’s sand dune paradise; Trakai – a historic city and lake resort which lies 28 kilometers west of the capital of Vilnius.



  • Lithuanian is the oldest living Indo-European language
  • It takes eight hours to travel from eastern to western Lithuania (approx. 500 km) and six hours to travel from southern to northern Lithuania (approx. 350 km)
  • Lithuania is the center of Europe. The official center is located 26 km from the capital of Vilnius.
  • The Baltic Sea coastline stretches almost 100 km. Iodine-rich sea air cleanses and softens the respiratory tract and strengthens the immune system.
  • Lithuania is famous for its amber deposits. Amber is used to treat a variety of ailments: headaches and throat pain, insomnia and fatigue, mental imbalances and spiritual problems.
  • The air pollution levels in Lithuania are among the lowest in Europe. Forests that cover one-third of the Lithuanian territory ensure fresh air.
  • Lithuania is rich in therapeutic mud. White mud cleanses the skin and improves metabolism and blood circulation; peat mud increases oxygen intake and activates the endocrine glands.
  • Lithuania has vast resources of underground mineral water, which is rich in potassium, calcium, iodine, sodium, magnesium and other essential minerals for the body.
  • Lithuanian cuisine is characterized by dishes made from potatoes, flour, grains and meat. Authentic Lithuanian delicacies include rye bread, bacon (lašiniai), cold soup made from yogurt or sap (“šaltibarščiai”), cabbage rolls with meat (“balandėliai”) and fried potato cakes with meat.


Lithuania – European quality for a reasonable price

Lithuania is famous not only for its wonderful nature, unique national dishes and hard-working people, but also for the high quality of its health services and professional doctors, the special attention paid to patients, and the wide range of recreational activities, which have recently experienced increased demand. But the main factor in attracting medical tourists to Lithuania is the price of health and wellness services, goods, and well-developed tourist infrastructure.




European Standards.

Both national and EU law protects medical tourists in Lithuania. The qualifications of specialists and the quality and safety of services fully comply with EU standards.


Professional Doctors.

Qualified medical personnel ensures high quality services. The qualifications of specialists are guaranteed not only by extensive education, but also by periodic certification and licensing.


Advanced Technologies.

Doctors in Lithuania use cutting-edge technology, some of which surprises even Western European specialists. This is achieved through the targeted use of European Union development funds. The country’s medical personnel use highly advanced medical methods, some of which are among the most progressive in the world.


Patients’ Rights.

The National Civil Code and various laws, including the Law on the Rights of Patients and Compensation for Harm to Health, protect the rights of medical patients. To ensure the complete safety of the patient, treatment and health care institutions belonging to the cluster have civil liability insurance.


Safety Ensured.

First medical aid is provided to visitors free of charge. All Lithuania’s health care institutions have medical professional liability insurance. Additional protection against accidents is provided by travel insurance.

Value added approach


European quality

  • Highly qualified medical personnel
  • Modern equipment and infrastructure
  • High level hotels, perfectly developed tourism

Fast and precise service

  • Modern management
  • “Green corridors” Tight contact with the tourist
  • English speaking personnel
  • Personal attention and care
  • Detailed information


Lithuanian services – Cost Saving Value

Despite the fact that the quality of service completely meets and exceeds the European level, prices in Lithuania significantly lower than in Western European countries.





Lithuania:  Attractive.

Lithuania – a member of the EU for more than a decade – has proven to be a safe and attractive country not only for its citizens, but also for guests from abroad. Numbers of tourists are continuously growing: over the last five years the number of arriving guests increased more than 30%. Lithuania also attracts Western investment and companies.


Lithuania: Welcoming.

More than half of the country’s population speaks English. Due to its geographic location, the country has always been multicultural and open to newcomers. Even today a large part of the population has relatives or friends abroad, while many people have professional relationships with foreigners. So it is easy for the foreigner visiting Lithuania to feel welcome and appreciated. Many visitors describe Lithuanians as helpful and friendly, hard working and focused on quality.


Lithuania: Cosy and Green.

Not a single city in Lithuania is larger than one million people. Every place in the country is fairly quiet, calm and cosy. In addition, Lithuania is rich in meadows, forests, rivers, lakes and parks that rejuvenate both body and soul. Distances between major medical and health centres and tourist attractions are very short. The most remote corners of Lithuania are barely more than 300 km apart.


Lithuania: Safe.

Lithuania has a very low risk of natural disasters and the crime rate is low. So it is safe not only to live here, but also to visit, recover and rest.


Lithuania: Moving Forward.

Lithuania is constantly changing and growing. Thanks to rapid economic development and EU investment, every year new roads, modern hotels and restaurants are being built; urban parks, resorts and tourist attractions are being renovated and developed.


Lithuania – Open to Medical Tourists.

Lithuania is safe place to benefit from medical, rehabilitation and health services. This is demonstrated by the fact that about one-tenth of patients in Lithuania’s health care institutions are currently from abroad. The numbers are only growing, due mainly to a favourable price-to-quality ratio in medical and health services.


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